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Welcome to Indy Cookin' Gal! I hope you enjoy everything from healthy/vegetarian recipes to stories to my furry kiddos and hubby combined into one happy place :)

 I've been a vegetarian since July 2008, which was a personal (and the best) decision I made to begin eating healthier, help with health problems I had been struggling with (acid reflux, slow digestion, etc.), save the lives of animals and :bonus: save money! I'm hoping this blog will give people vegetarian, flavorful and seasonal recipes for anyone looking to cut out or down on how much meat they eat, especially with the new "Meatless Monday" phenomenon, but vegetarianism is by no means for everyone.  It's a personal preference of mine and I hope this blog gives you meals to make and GREAT vegetarian/vegan products to try!

Becoming a vegetarian meant that cooking was going to become a frequent need, and my hubs was a cook at Cinema Grill where we met, so most of our happiest times are cooking and eating together towards a healthier life.  Join us in our my journey :) 

He's not a vegetarian, but has cut back on his meat intake a lot, and like I said, it's not for everyone and I'll never tell you it is.

My dream job would to have my own vegetarian only Food Network TV Show. 

Now for some fun facts about me!

I married the most wonderful man on October 15, 2011 (in the backyard of my childhood home!) after dating for 5 blissful years, even though 2 1/2 of them were long distance since I attended school in Atlanta, while he was here in Indianapolis.  We met at Cinema Grill in Indianapolis, where he was a cook and I was a server, and we love all of our amazing co-workers/bosses for being such a source of strength and faith in seeing our relationship blossom from the nervous first dates to long term dating to engagement to marriage. 

I LOVE ANIMALS (hence where part of my becoming a vegetarian came from).... We have 2 dogs (Poncho and Piper -- who were both in our wedding, no joke!) and 2 cats (Ruckus and Rory) all of whom are rescues (Ruckus was Alex's cat, but now she's my little girl too!). Yes.... I was that kid that would make friends with the enormous pot belly pig at the County Fair... and no, I'm totally not joking.

I'm a graduate student getting my Masters in Public Health and work as a Project Manager for a study at the IU School of Nursing.  I LOVE MY JOB.  I was so blessed to be given this opportunity!

As many who know me, I LOVE to cook... and often find myself changing hair color. Join me in my journey of fresh, vegetarian cooking in all its glory & goodness!

Never hesitate to contact me with questions, comments, sponsoring & everything in between: indysveggiefix@gmail.com

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