Saturday, July 28, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I'm back on the blogging sphere! HAPPY FRIDAY!

This week's notable moment: 

1. My "Little Sister" is on her way back to Indy after over a month apart.  Can't wait to go swimming like we planned!  (see picture from our pre-trip outing to paint pottery together -- she LOVED it!) ----> Become a Big in your state/area @ It truly will change your life!

2. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! My Finite Math class has a mere FIVE days (2 of which are tests) left.  I won't miss this gadget come Aug. 6 at 8pm.

3. New/needed haircut and coloring while I'm trying to grow it out! My stylist is fantastic and geesh can he give a good head massage when shampoo or conditioning your hair!

4. Big Mama Ruckus and little kitten Rory face off for possession of the ultimate trophy.... an old box we found in the basement! PRECIOUSNESS... Who would've thought Ruckus would be a fun big sis.  Good kitties!

5. Why I love the Summer Olympics... two athletes I admire beyond explanation.  GO Misty May and Kerry Walsh. 

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  1. Cute cats! :)

    I hope you can join my link up! It's on Tuesdays: :)