Friday, August 3, 2012

High Five for Friday!

This was a busy, but good (and fairly productive) week thanks to some special people!

1. Best part of my week, or probably best part of my year, was receiving the most special gift from a very important person after waiting for 10 years.... a picture.  (Below is not the picture, just indicative of my feelings and context upon receiving this great present!)

2. Our little Rory kitten is getting so big - 12 weeks old!!!

3.  100% on my test -- TAKE THAT Finite Math! Now just the final and then onto my Masters!

4.  A great lunch with my mom, brother and sister followed by (bells ringing!) long awaited/needed R&R with a massage and facial with my mom and sister! THANKS for the treat MOMMA, LOVE YOU!!!!!

5.  Funniest moment of the week -- an ode to my brother's creativity in keeping his car together after hitting a deer (hope the deer's okay!)... You never know what's coming next with my brother, always keeps us laughing.  Love you Mike!

6. IT actually, finally, never thought it would happen RAINED FOR almost AN ENTIRE DAY!... Forgot what rain was like.


                                        Super special gift
                        Precious Rory, not so itty-bitty anymore
                   TAKE THAT FINITE MATH, now whose the boss! ;)
Heaven on Earth... affordable massage and facials + time well spent with my mom and sister! The greatest amount of relaxation I can get happens here.
                    This was definitely worthy of a picture.....
                      LOVE the smell of the air after it rains....


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