Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Turning into a blog follower addiction!

I LOVE blogs... I think my husband is about to send me to the AA version of someone with an addiction to blogs - I'm truly obsessed!...  Even blogs that don't necessarily relate to my life in any way, but I still love reading them for information or for their authenticity.  I just love what blogging has created for my generation, especially alongside Pinterest and all the advice and ideas these two sources provide! It's my second love to my husband/faith/furry kiddos!

I follow blogs that help me be more creative in my hair & makeup such as The Small Things Blog, blogs that help me save money and great recipe ideas to try out and give my own twist with what's in our fridge or freezer from the amazing Budget Bytes, fashion advice from the lovely Lauren to future pregnancy & parenting advice from Stephanie.  I just LOVE blogs more than I could say! 

I have never and will never consider myself within their realm and reach of blogging & followers, but I admire their consistency and all they offer to many of us in need advice from hair to cooking to birthing (at least as a child-less, cooking inspired wife).  All of these blogs, just a few amongst my many favorites, are truly inspiring!! I blog to share my recipes/stories/tips in hopes it may inspire even one person and it can truly be a hobby for those who enjoy sticking with it (for me -- that has been the hardest part!)

I love pictures, despite the fact that I'm definitely no photography expert by any means, I just LOVE taking photos of all things I love -- food, my marriage, our furry kiddos, etc. 

Follow me on Pinterest if you desire (ksundt), or twitter @KatieSundt or Instagram (KatieSundt) if you want to see and follow more of my day to day life. I just recently re-organized my Pinterest during my "not as productive as I hoped kind of day" so here's what you can find there :)

Hey, I tried my best -- food is the obvious theme!! :)

Have a fantastic rest of your week everyone!

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