Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday + Friday Favorites + A Special Announcement

Happy Friday & First Day of Summer!
... although I think the weather got the memo a bit early this year as it's been blazin' hot!

Any special or fun things planned for the weekend?

While this week has brought out my very most procrastination abilities with school (I'm on module 3.5 of 6 and my midterm is due this evening... Whoops!), but I can finally see the light after Forbes rated a Master's in Public Health as the 6th best graduate degree to get right now... HALLELUJAH!

Anyhow, this weekend we are planning on catching up with some old friends at a local brewery we haven't tried before and gathering with my in-laws and some extended family down at their cabin in Madison, IN so it should be pretty busy (and extremely hot!... nothing under 89 degrees in our forecast!) around our parts, but first things first, must.get.midterm.done!

Now for some highlights of the week...


I am BEYOND excited and happy for them and love that I'm getting another brother-in-law, Tom <3<3<3

On top of this GREAT news, my sister other sister is back from Africa (lived there for the past 6 years) so naturally, I am getting so unbelievably excited for my sister and brother-in-law's 3 1/2 year wedding anniversary + Welcome Home from the Peace Corps (they've been in Moldova) celebration/extravaganza come August 23 :) First time all 5 of my siblings have been altogether in 4 years and the very first time all 7 of us (2 new brother's: my brother-in-law Conrad + my Alex) have ever all been together! SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED!

 Love and hugs to mi familia! 

While I wished a Happy Father's Day to all the father's of my life, we also celebrated Alex's Father's Day as papa bear to our furry kiddos :) Happy furry Father's Day Alex!

Nothing helps cheer up a week like meeting up with old and dear friends for dinner and drinks. Thanks for making my week Jessica! 


Such a precious kitty cuddle moment, melts my heart <3 Love our furry girls :)

Now for some great finds around the WWW from the week! Click on the name to take you to the original source!

Favorite Bake: Apple Banana Bread.  I need to make this, ASAP, like I'm talking yesterday-kind-of-ASAP. Looks so delish! Hope I can fit some baking time in this weekend (especially since we have some bananas startin' to get mushy!)

Favorite Garden Project: Coolest Bird Feeder Ever. I so need to figure out how to make a DIY version of this bad boy! Seriously, how cool and cute is this darn thing?!

Favorite Place: Mineral Baths in Tuscany, Italy. Can I please get on a plane/jet/helicopter/time-portal and be dropped off here, like right now? So serene, so calm, so blue.... AHHH!

Favorite Food: Roasted Garlic "Chicken". An avid fan of Iowa Girl Eats, all of her recipes always look so delicious that I start making a grocery list the size of Mount Everest thinking I'll actually have enough time and stomach space to inhale all her recipes.  PLUS, 90% of them are easily made veggie style with a few of my secret touches.  This will definitely be on our menu soon :) Looks so mouth-watering good!

Favorite Space/Decor: Turquoise Heaven Bedroom. My husband LOVES turquoise, but this isn't an "in-your-face" turquoise, but perfect accents to a clean, white, crisp looking bedroom. Love this to pieces!!... Now to get our dogs to stop sleeping in our bed so we can actually own white colored things!

Favorite Drink: Blackberry Sage Cooler.  MMMM, this looks SO refreshing.  Perfect summer drink that I can almost taste through my screen! Although sage is on the back-burner of my favorite herbs, I can totally see how it'd work with blackberries (a fave of mine) with some bubbles from the club soda and extra sweet from the sugar.  If you're kickin' back after a hard work week, add some splashes of rum and this would be a great go-to summer mock or cocktail!



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