Tuesday, July 23, 2013

THE Best Lunch There Ever Was!

Happy belated Meatless-Monday!... and hope you had a good weekend!

Sorry for the missed Monday and a BIG THANKS for all of your patience and understanding as we continue to update/clean up the blog as much as possible... with the very little spare time we have right now!

..... Hope you're enjoying the new-ish layout while it lasts!

This darned Internet just really isn't taking a likin' to our house, I'm tellin' ya!... but thankfully I've been informed that by the end of today, we should have no Internet access problems.  And even while our very gracious neighbor offered to let us use his, it still kept cutting in and out (probably due to lack of proximity to the actual wireless signal among this sea of internet probz our streets and others are facing!)..... We shall see, but don't think I ever forgot about ya' :)

Welp, a good chunk of our weekend plans (our awaited picnic!) got rained out :( BOOO, I know!..... but gosh did we need it and that smell.... How can you not absolutely LOVE the feel, the the sense, the upright-heavenly-smell of fresh air after a much needed rain?!

 Sweet smellin' rain droplets! AHHHH :)

We did thankfully manage to wish the rain away for enough time to get the pups out on a much needed walk!..... which wears them out for an entire .1 seconds....

....but hey, new smells, new territory to roam (and claim for those oh-so-dominant boy dogs!)... I just know they had fun :)

And after rain, just like on the Fourth of July comes the smell of fresh air and a BE-UUUUUUUUU-TIFUL sky to match!

Just gorgeous, I'm tellin' ya!

As the weekend swiftly rained away, it was back to work we go!

I know I posted a similar "pack your lunch" style recipe last week, but I can't leave ya'll without a taste of this plain-ridiculously-crazy-delicious-cannot-go-without-trying!) BEST LUNCH EVER....

Okay, so I have the luxury that I can work from home some days so don't have to run around like a mad-woman the night before or the morning of a workday tryin' to pack lunch...

.... If you are, I'm tellin' ya, make time to prep this baby cause' it's filling, light, healthy, delicious and includes 2 of my absolute favorite dishes of all time!

This could also be a light dinner, feel it out, but gosh this lunch was crazily memorable that I want it again... and again... and again....

Let's just put it out there... ITALIAN'S KNOW THEIR FOOD!!!

Above: Caprese salad with sliced tomatoes, whole basil leaves and mozzarella balls drizzled in balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil I made last month.... 

SLURP! GET-IN-MA-BELLY.... Just another assembly recommendation :)

Thus the CAPRESE SALAD was invented....

Chik'n Salad Sandwich with a Caprese Side Salad
.... I just started drooling on ma' keyboard....

See my Chik'n Salad Recipe recipe for the Sandwich portion of this post!

I died and went to heaven with that baby!

Make a double, triple... QUADRUPLE batch for endless melt in your mouth sandwiches....

For the simplest Caprese Side Salad:

For the record.... Italian's know their food cause' you cannot go wrong with a caprese salad, however you serve it up!

In the line up!
- 5-7 cherry tomatoes, halved
- 1-2 Tablespoons Mozzarella, cubed
- 1-2 Tablespoons basil leaves, ripped or sliced
- 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar (enough to coat the bowl)
- 1.2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
- Salt and pepper to taste

Coach's (Simple) Orders:

1. Halve the tomatoes and dump in a bowl or tupperware, followed by the cubed mozzarella and sliced basil.

2. Lightly cover in the balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and add a teeny bit of salt (if desired) and pepper and mix together until everything's coated and combined. 

Make sure you get a piece of tomato, mozzarella and basil in each bite for the full effect (in my opinion!)

While usually, I eat it as displayed....

Mine however, was a chopped up side salad to easier transport, and equally and slurp-fully delicious!
Now assemble that Chik'n Salad Sandwich, which you just cannot! go wrong served on a croissant .... and remember, it's veggie style Chik'n Salad, so incredibly healthy, which gives you wiggle room to splurge in other areas.... at least that's my excuse ;)

Just a little extra light mayo on the bun for extra moisture and a heaping pile of pre-made Chik'n Salad.... WAH-BAM!


This is a melt-in-your-mouth, come 9am asking is it lunchtime yet??!!?!?! kind of combination! 


While it's a traditionally Italian side with an traditionally American dish, these dishes alone and together are so unbelievably good that there is just no going wrong here!

Freshness from the Caprese salad and savory nature of Chik'n Salad sandwich = BEST LUNCH THERE EVER WAS!

Try it!...... NOW! (She says ever-so-gently...)

.... and of course... as always, ENJOY! :)


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