Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Friday & Friday Favorites!


Any sweet plans for the weekend?! 

This has been pretty uneventful up until yesterday when....

Picture circa November 2010
MY SISTER CAME HOME! (Home as in Indiana). Her and my brother-in-law have spent the last 2 1/2 years in Moldova serving in the Peace Corps and I rarely got to Skype with them due to high demand and the time change, so I finally got to hear her beautiful voice, but wasn't able to make it over and see her, but will next weekend for a family reunion :)

Seriously... does she not look like a Little Puma?!....(who has may have put on some extra lbs!) She's a momma's girl <3

Re-branded the blog went off this week, and slowly (because it requires an insane amount of time on all parts, especially my gracious husband) updating the perrrrdy template... Thanks so.VERY.much. for your patience (especially with the URL change!)

In honor of the re-vamping and a successful copycat week... 
I am hosting my very first #vegetarian GIVEAWAY tomorrow + a new recipe! So tune in tomorrow :)

For now, I am off to finish up some things for work and then we're off to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game tonight with some friends and GREAT weather (FTW!)

Have a fun, safe and exciting weekend, and leave room to tune in tomorrow ;)

Now for some of my Friday Favorites from around the WWW...

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Favorite Dessert: Peach Cobbler Peaches, Peaches, Peaches! They're everywhere and for great prices, so I've stocked up and while I love to eat them straight up, why not a healthy dessert?! YUM!

Favorite Food: Vegetarian Ribollita This looks so light, refreshing, and summer perfection!... Yes, I know, it's kind of a thick soup, but has the ingredients of summer seasonal items! Must try!

Favorite Getaway: Outer Banks ... And this WILL be our getaway in a few short weeks with all of my immediate family one place to celebrate so many happy things going on with all of us!

Favorite Refreshment: Lemon & Mint Julep No wonder they're called refreshment's (mocktail or cocktail), this looks incredibly refreshing! I could bathe in that it looks so good!... I'm only half kidding...

Favorite Space: Bedroom Decor I love how clean this look is with the hint of mint/turquoise that Alex really likes + we desperately need a headstand..... now if only we could find a way to keep to pups off the bed so could actually HAVE something like this?!

Otherwise, that nice white comforter will turn black with Piper's fur in 24 hours. No likey!

Our bedroom right now is just, "Oh, laundry's done"... CUR-PLUNK into the already overflowing basket! EEEK!

Favorite EATING Space: Kitchen Set I LOVE this and it's such a great compromise between Alex's more rustic, almost antique feel to my more modern likin's (as I've mentioned before)... and it's just really catchy, like a kitchen you'd never really see! 

So unique!... And the lights, oh boy, you could blow me over with a feather at this point!

Alright my friends, enjoy your weekend's and I hope you tune in tomorrow to see the giveaway and how to enter! :)


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