Monday, September 9, 2013

I thought I could do this.... + A GIVEAWAY!

Happy #MeatlessMonday ma' blog-a-licious friends!

Sorry I've been crazily MIA since my vacation recap, but there has been no cooking done in our house since we got home... EEK! But with only the best intentions gone astray...

 We returned to Indy, happy to cuddle up with our furry kiddos and still spoiled by the luxury beach house we stayed in at Nag's Head with a kitchen made for a King leaving us wanting to change every-little-thing-in-our-house, even though we know it's our "starter" home!

Insert our immediate discussion and decision to GET RID OF THE UGLY YELLOW STOVE with only 2/4 working burners that have been drivin' me nutty!
Truth be told, we LOVED this kitchen and was honestly our house huntin' deal for how much counter space it has compared to 99% of homes (big & small) in our area... especiallllllly after being cramped in the tiniest apartment kitchen for far too long!

However, with space also came decor that left me hard to imagine anything different than something my great grandma's would have excitedly bought at an antique shop :\

Let's just see for ourselves shall we...

Just call me Gran-ma'

Yellow daisy wallpaper, which we have since removed & painted, yellow countertops, yellow stove, and awful Hi-I'm-circa-1970 flooring....

So we were on a mission! taking advantage of Lowe's Labor Day specials they had goin' on to start flippin' this kitchen into a circa I've-actually-seen-past-2000 era space! New hybrid grill, new stove, new over the range microwave -- WOOT!

However, some hubby pre-work was required to remove the current fan and some almost useless cabinets to fit aforementioned microwave... which ended up creating this:

Alex: Hunny, don't be alarmed when you walk past the kitchen, it's all under control!

**insert a boom followed by a loud sparking noise**

Me: Hunny, is everything okay?!?!
Alex: ..... Ummmmm..... Yeeahhhh?

.... I thought I could do this....

Actualllllllly, um NO was the correct answer and the loud sparking noise was a "mini" electrical explosion from removing the oven fan/over the range which resulted in me exclaiming:

 OKAY, we're calling a professional babe!!!!!!

.... So we've been waiting for Lowe's to come with our new, long awaited appliances to install sans electrocuting ourselves or burning our house down... thus, not very much cookin' goin' on up in this house!


So for this Meatless Monday, let's kick off the week with a long-awaited #Quorn GIVEAWAY for a free supply of any Quorn product for you to try!

Enter now to win and stay tuned for post-oven-explosion meals!

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GOOD LUCK Everybody circa Backstreet Boys 1997 style! ;)

I'm off to watch some Gilmore Girls.... for the millionth time... Yes, I know! I know! Alex is rollin' his eyes as I type!

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