Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five For Friday!


This has been an amazing week! A beautiful surprise because with my final exam being on Monday to start out the week, I was afraid it was going to be just a bummer.  Truly, this week just turned totally around in circles of greatness.  

1. FINITE MATH IS FINITO!!!!! Not quite the grade I wanted (even though I just needed to pass but I strive for excellence), but I'm proud!!

              An A-..... that'll do pig, that'll do :)
               .... Really should have been 1,000,000 thumbs up!

2. I'm on to my MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH! Very excited to embark on this next adventure of my life.

  I GOT IN! My acceptance email before I got the official letter

Fall Schedule: Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Social and Behavioral Sciences! Bye-bye Finite Math... Hello FUN classes! Now which to be my concentration between these two... 

3. Golfing and lunch with my sister Christine whom I only get to see maybe 1-2 times/year... Nothing beats spending time with your family and it was good to get back on the golf course and some sushi in my belly with great company!

Christine with Big Bertha teeing off... Pretty sure this is the hole where she got a BIRDIE! GO Christine, she was killin' it!
  Snapped a shot before we devoured the plate! With Christine (my best sushi buddy), sushi is a must while she's in Indy!

4. It's been storming! Alex (my hubs) and I  have been so bummed thinking summer would pass and we'd miss out on one of our favorite things: watching thunderstorms. I'm very happy to have gotten to watch thunderstorms and for the much needed rain, but also blessed to not have lost power or had any damage like others.  Keeping all families whose homes, cars, electricity, etc. that were affected by these storms in my thoughts and prayers.
... Couldn't get a good picture of the lightning.  Lightning is so amazing to me, its strong power, but also its beauty.

5. MISTY MAY AND KERRI WASLH WON GOLD! These are truly the most inspirational athletes (to me).  Their teamwork, their passion, their power, their dominance, their dynamics and their personality.  Just love it.  Summer 2016 Olympics just won't be the same without you. 
... I snapped this when they replayed it after jumping on the couch in joy! 
My hubs is probably excited it's over since I get pretty loud and intense whenever I watched them play... Whoops!
6. I love all animals and especially our "kiddos." Always seem to find either one of our dogs or one of our cats fast asleep in a position that looks so uncomfortable, yet so cute and peaceful. 
This week's medal of cuteness goes to Rory
... Apparently this is comfortable?
7. I FINALLY GOT A JOB TODAY! Perfect way to end my week!!!!


  1. Found you through the High Five for Friday link up. Looks like you had a great week. Congrats on starting your master's.

    Oh and I totally get what you mean about pets. I find my cat Athena in the craziest positions.

    Hope you'll stop by my blog.

  2. Thanks for being my first follower! Your blog is great, a lot like mine but definitely a better layout! Following you too :)

  3. We have enjoyed what little rain we have gotten this year also. Congrats on your job. Thanks for stopping over at my blog.
    Dawn @