Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things just got real....

It's actually settling in now that my brain isn't hard-wired where I dream about probability questions from Finite Math.  I'm starting my Masters and couldn't be more excited!

Since I start my job on Monday, I had Friday to rush and get everything I needed to get done to get prepared for classes.... and when I got back in the car, and looked down at my books and ID card, it all sunk in. This is really happening!!!!!

Things just got real...
(Not going to lie, I get giddy when I see the School of Medicine - makes me feel smarter!)
Got all my textbooks from the library (my wallet and hubby are happy!)
..... Now I just need a desk.... and an office.... Hmmm? Wish we had a third room in our house to make into my office.  My hubs got his Masters in Library Science first, so naturally, our second "bedroom" turned into his office and I'm out in the living room.  We'll see how this turns out!
I'm off to go swimming with my "Little Sister" and she finally gets to meet our doggies! If you want to change the life of a child, think about being a Big Brother or Big Sister in your area -- they even have a Big Couple's program.  Truly, your Little changes your life just as much as you change theirs.  Check it out and ask me for more details about what it's all about: Big Brothers Big Sisters :)

Happy weekend to everyone! 

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