Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Not quite sure how to start off this High Five for Friday because this week has been....... eventful? Maybe not the best word to describe things, but the best I could come up because there were definite highs and there were definite lows, but that's life!  At the end of the day though, you gotta keep your head up!

Always best start out on a high note:

1. Best part of my week was spending last Saturday visiting and catching up with the one and only cousin Andrew (truly)! The hubs and I met up with him halfway between us while he was home from Oregon and we enjoyed some good food and the best company.  No one can get me laughing like Andrew!
 PERFECT weather, out on the patio at Cinco de Mayo!


2. We had BEAUTIFUL weather this week so I had myself a little solo picnic at lunch and it was delightfully peaceful.  Sitting out on the finally green grass, watching the sun beam down through the trees without sweating my bootay off.  I could really feel God's presence.
Pure peace and beauty

3. I've been out of school for over 2 years and amidst my excitement to start my Masters, I forgot not only what school was like, but definitely underestimated the big step I'm taking... These classes are TOUGH and I know I've still got it, but it's the first time I've taken time off of school and it's time to brush the dust off and get this party started.... However, I did look something like this several times this week....
 Complete panic.....


4. Even with chaos and meltdowns, I still learned a lot this week and just from the first week of classes have I been re-engaged with my passions for so many different areas of life and health.  When we had to pick just one area to focus on for an online portfolio -- I'll be posting that here as well -- I was flabbergasted because there were 20 options and I'm passionate about 15 of them!! AHHHHHH (was going through my head) and then I unexpectedly saw "Asthma" on the list and got very intrigued.  Having extremely severe asthma since before I can remember: 5 day ER stays, horrible flu's with every hour nebulizer treatments, limiting what exercise I can do, allergies, cold weather making me wheeze -- all personal experiences that came from my asthmatic experiences and how it's affected my life and the lives of millions of other children (and adults!).  I decided I wanted to go deeper -- explore the why's, the how's and mostly important, prevention strategies.  It'll be an interesting journey, personally and academically.  

Even though I chose this topic for this class, I was still reminded of all the other possibilities I want to invest my time and education in learning more about because passion drives me minute by minute, and boy do I have many of them!

5. Woke up this morning to a very unexpected but GREAT opportunity that I wouldn't have seen coming in a million years.... Let's hope it goes well!... (Sorry for the cliffhanger)....


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  1. gorgeous picture of the sunlight!

    Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!