Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ode to our kiddos!

Oh yes, I am.... dedicating a post to those who bring me and my husband the best joys and moments of happiness in our lives and our marriage...And if we love our Poncho, Piper, Ruckus and Rory this much, can't imagine how much joy children will bring to our lives when we're hopefully blessed with them in the future. 

But for now, these are our kiddos! Nothing better than to come home to find 4 animals waiting for your love and affection and provide 24/7 unconditional love. 

Oh Poncho, what a cutie... how can you say "No" to that face!
(or AKA Chubs now that he's puttin' on some LB's)
Newest addition Rory sleeping on her Papa... Our little sweetheart
Piper and Rory, BFF's and always by my side... They're mama's girls :)
Oldest of the 4, leader of the pack: Ruckus, and a great big sis to Rory!
Sweetest face ever (of course I'm biased though)

How they both fit on this little chair, I have no idea
Ruckus and Piper love :)
 Daddy sayin' HI to his new baby girl!
Christmas 2011
.... And last but not least, my personal favorite (except that we're missing good ol' Ruckus)
  I love every morning I get to spend with my family in our bed.
All our babies... for now :)
Hope this inspired you to go give some lovin' to your kiddos (furry or human)

 FROM ALL OF US TO YOU! Hope you're having a great week!

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