Friday, August 17, 2012

REALLLLY High Five For Friday!

This has been a crazy hectic week, although it's good preparation for next week that will be doubly hectic with my Masters classes beginning! But darn am I glad it's Friday... wasn't sure I was going to make it till 5pm at my job without snoozing a little at my desk, but thankfully I pulled through! Linkin' up with Lauren for High for Friday!

My week in a nutshell:

3. Learned a very valuable life lesson on my lunch break this week... Doing a kind deed EVERY TIME you find an opportunity will truly make a difference in your day! I was at Burger Kind eating my trusty friend the BK Veggie Burger and saw a very elderly man in a wheelchair and alone straightening out his change from the cashier to put in his wallet and dropped several bills on the floor and couldn't reach them, so I got up and went over and pick up his bills and straightened them out for him.  He said "Thank you so much dear, that was so sweet of you" and he got a little teary eyed....  Changed my entire day.  


2. I got to go swimming with my "Little Sister" and 2 of her sisters, and they had the best time! So happy I got to include her 2 sisters who haven't been assigned "Big Sisters" yet so they got to join in the fun and do something they rarely get to do.  (PS: My husband is the best ever! He was such a trooper and a huge help since situating, watching, etc. 3 girls under the age of 12 who aren't very good swimmers was crazy hectic, and he was so sweet to one of the sisters who just loves him... and he even cooked us all up some Mac and Cheese -- what a man I've got!).  But.... I also got to take this gem home with me to remember the day....
.. Got too hectic for me to remember to put on sunscreen.. WHOOPS!

3. Our poor pups are super missin' us... All I want to do is cheer is up these precious faces at the end of the day :)
... My pups were ready for bed when I was! Cuddle time :)
5. Our kitty Rory, now 14 weeks old, hit a milestone! She figured out how to jump up on the windowsill... if you knows kitties, them and windows (especially when they're open) are BFF's!
PROUD MAMA.. She got up there and then was like, "What do I do now?!" Too stinkin' cute
...She wasn't quite feelin' the windowsill she had to jump on so reverted back to the windowsill with the couch next to it for her to sight-see and smell!

 6. Finally got to have a date night with my hubs and at the AH-mazing restaurant that catered our wedding <3




  1. That is so great that you are a Big Sister!!!


  2. Thanks, it's such a great program! Truly changes the life of the Big as much as the Little!