Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparing myself for the Masters in Public Health land...

After letting it all sink it that I'm starting my Masters.... then came the panic about where I'm going to study/work since my laptop and I are stationed out in the living room while my hubs gets to enjoy his lavish office he made out of the second bedroom of our house.  

Luckily, my in-laws moved (although much farther away so we miss them being just around the corner!) to a smaller cabin and needed to get rid a lot of their furniture and had exactly what we needed... a perfectly sized DESK! WOO HOO (all smiles)! An antique desk AND comfy chair too! My hubs cleaned and oiled it up to make it look pretty and onto organizing my soon to be new life...  

+ I think our cats like my desk area as much as I do considering they both somehow find a way onto the desk or chair at all times.... Double bonus!

And here she is folks:

Where I'll be thinking all my brilliant thoughts for the next 2-3 years ;)
 .... Can't make up my mind, but got my trusty printer down there!
Gotta represent my Alma Mater Emory University! Even if it's a dirty mouse-pad (whoops... we've been through a lot together)

Brief pause in the photos... Gotta take a moment to give my old glassblowing skills a pat on the back! Even though I made this January of 2004, still pretty darn proud!
 Gotta give myself some props for this beauty.. the only useful piece I made in that class!

I'll even show you this gem of a photo -- HELLO blast from the past! But beforehand... keep in mind glassbowing requires wearing certain clothes/glasses that definitely aren't so glamorous... EEK!

.... That furnace was HOTTTTTTTTT and BRIGHT (2,400 °F of bright orange molten glass!)
.... And last but not least.... the final and necessary touch to make my desk my perfect niche!
Lavender candle! Best thing to soothe me from stress of studying and assignments...

All together =
 Onto my Masters I go!.... Let's hope the desk makes me smarter (...and the classes!)

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