Friday, January 25, 2013

FRIDAY! So happy you're here!

FRIDAY! So happy you're here!

What a week.... and more so, what a day today! So ready to kick my feet up, relax and unwind!

1. MY NEW COMPUTER finally arrived... or rather, we were both at work when it arrived so my wonderful husband drive across town to pick it up at the UPS store :) The newest IMac and I am completely in love!
Isn't it a beauty? :)

2. So thankful for the short week and getting to spend a day and a special evening with my husband in celebration of Martin Luther King on Monday! Some veggie pot pie (see Budget Bytes for the recipe) and Spanish red wine next to the fire.
  YUMMY!!! We both had seconds!

3. My hubby bought and installed some very needed new blinds to replace our curtains. They're also weather proof to keep out excessively cold or hot temperatures = double bonus!
LOVE! And they let so much more light in than the bulky curtains we had!
4. We were required to attend a SAS seminar for my Biostatistics class to learn how to computer program and analyze data -- being a manager for a research study, I should have been more excited, but boy am I glad that I got that over with and am letting my brain deflate.... at least until I have to use it again and cry because my I miss 1 semicolon amidst thousands of lines of computer code and get a big error message when I run my data.  Already preparing myself for that one. My hats off to any computer programmers or statisticians out there and the very important and crazy difficult work you do!!

In case anyone is wondering what jibberish looks like... I believe it's something like this:
.... How I will be spending from now until April if you don't find me watching Environmental Science in Public Health modules. Looks fun, eh?... NO


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  1. Congrats on the new computer!!! :)

    Clicked over from hf4f on FMGD!

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