Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updating our House -- The "Before" Office

We have been wanting to do updates to our house for so long, and many of which (i.e. completely re-doing the bathroom) are still out of reach financially, but gosh do I love my husband for all he accomplished this week.  

This house already feels completely different!

First off, we moved my desk/work area to his back office/the second bedroom, so now it's OUR office -- pretty sweet and cute, and let's us spend more time together :) 

Here are some before pictures: Have to finish painting to get the "after" pictures & post!!

My desk and laptop out in the living room with about 3-4 feet behind where my chair ended... Not ideal, but we made it work!
Another view of "my [previous] space"
My husband was working full time and getting his Masters in Library Science at the same time, so he deserved his own office space, which the second bedroom inevitably turned into since we don't have children (just our furry kiddos for now!)
My hubby's make-shift office from when we first moved in (He used a TV as his computer monitor)... and a mirror as our coffee table?! Yes, we pinch pennies!

Now we have merged all of our things and thanks to husbands amazing creativity, bargain finds at the new Goodwill store and some fresh paint.  We have a whole new room...
I'm keeping you in suspense for the pictures/post to come of our joined office :)


To top it all off, major love to my amazing husband:

Vacuum master with our Master Dyson! :) Love him for all he does!!!!


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