Friday, March 8, 2013

High Five for Friday... and Spring Break!

Not only is it Friday, but it's the start of my spring break!!!... as soon as I can get my online quiz out of the way...

Since I've started my New Morning Routine, the week has been pretty great, plus a little furry kiddo lovin' and spending time with my "Little Sis D" that I mentor!

1. Bowling (her AND my favorite!) with my "Little Sis D"
I picked up my Little Sis D from school on Monday (that was a HUGE deal too, she LOVED being able to tell her friends she was a "car rider" that day and didn't have to take the bus (oh the days of riding the school bus, can't blame her for being excited...)

Then we headed over to the bowling alley for an afternoon special of an hour of unlimited bowling, some snacks and a tokens for her to play in the arcade and she had a BLAST.  Her smile lights up the entire building, and I just love being able to spend time with her and realizing, even if in miniscule ways, that I'm helping encourage and mentor the life and future of a beautiful and bright 10 year old girl :)
When she was on, she was really on, but after an hour, both of our arms were sore!

Blast from the past picture... Felt like I was 10 years old since this has been my favorite sport since before I can remember!
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2. My two favorite men spending some quality cuddle time together... Makes my  heart smile!
Our only boy... he needs some "guy" time with his Papa!
  ... and did I mention he's just so stinkin' cute.....
Good morning mom, I got a little chilly...

 3. We had a mini-winter wonderland come through on Tuesday, so my husband and I made made the best of it while the snow lasts 
.... but yes we are very ready to welcome some spring weather!
Sweet potato corn cakes with a garlic dipping sauce thanks to the AMAZING Budget Bytes blog and a side of green beans next to the warm fire :) Heavenly!
4. My Biostastics class and I have actually started to become sort of friends lately... Very weird...

What are you up to this weekend?

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