Sunday, July 14, 2013

Friday Favorites.... Rewind Edition!

Happy Friday Sunday everyone!

I'll be darn that this week didn't almost sink me.... Titanic Style.  Craziness at work, an almost missed assignment due to the craziness at work + preparation for a work Summer BBQ = Katie has no time (except to meltdown of course....) EEK!... So the blog (and my mind at various points) went a-wall essentially :( 

So sorry folks!

But I made it through! Various crisis' averted that landed us into a Saturday that was gorgeous.   Lots o' sun to the point where I think my organs were a cooked a bit rare, a surprise (to me) visit from some of my very favorite relatives (my cousin Jeff, his mom Sarah and Jeff's kids Alex and Olivia who were junior bridesmaid and flower girl) and some good ol' fun and food with my research staff followed by an evening filled with laughter with friends from Alex's work and then an OH-SO-HOT-I'M-GOING-TO-STAY-INSIDE Sunday....

A HUGE thanks to my parents for offering their house (and large grill + preparation) to pull off said work/Research Staff Summer BBQ that I offered to host since my oh-so-sweet boss has way too much on her plate to and it's so-very in my parent's nature to host or help host all types of events, big & small = perfect solution and beautiful weather, but from lifting HUMUNGOUS bags of ice and moving crazily full coolers, it was still pretty gosh darn hot, but THANK GOODNESS not like today or I'd be a melted pool of Katie-ness on their deck. And I got to enjoy my mom's famous potato salad (+ leftovers.. FTW), baked beans, BBQ of all sorts (+ more leftovers, FTW yet again!) thanks to my BBQ King step-dad and lots of good company outside of work meetings!

Either way, a long and busy weekend, but filled with laughs, fun times and back to the grind we go tomorrow.  

Some memorable moments of the Summer BBQ!

My mom got us a celebratory cake! that Yvonne (my boss) and I cut into together (as her: PI and me: Manager).... and the absolutely beautiful roses she brought myself and my parents for hosting this gathering for our research team.  She is such a truly inspiring woman that I admire in so many ways.

<------- She melts my heart! <3<3

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and an even better week.  Keep dry and don't melt away (.....from the sweaty-ness our area is about to experience 24/7 for the next 72+ hours).

.....I'm guessing a tube top and short shorts won't cut it at the office, huh? Darn!


Now for some GREAT finds around the WWW!

Click on the link the get to the original source...

Favorite Dessert: Gingered Blueberry Shortcake Shortcake in any form or fashion just screams summer, am I wrong?! Mouth watering commenced...

Favorite Food: Jimmy John's Veggie Sandwich This is a complete in the making recipe that I need to conquer at home after finding out on Thursday that a JJ's now delivers, which means $$ out of the pocket, goodness in the stomach, when I know gosh darnit that I can make this baby at home!... Although you can't beat their bread....

Favorite Getaway: South Carolina's Low Country Alex and I are itching to have a get-a-way from the stress of life and time to be alone, and although we have a family extravaganza for my sister and brother-in-law's return from the Peace Corps at the Outer Banks in late August, this just looks so peaceful and idyllic like our honeymoon.... Time to start savin' up honey buns! :)

Favorite Read: The Help It's shamefully true that I have neither read the book nor seen the movie, The Help.... However, in the very little-to-no defense I have for this fact, I refuse to see the movie before I read the book, and so I picked this baby up and am ready to give her a go.... and then I'll tune in to the movie afterwards (I even avoid previews, reviews, rewards, etc.) because I knew a day would come that this was a must-read and that day has come my friends!

.... HOLD ME TO IT!...... :)

Favorite Furry Kiddo (besides my own): Run Kitty Run! Alex especially, but me now as well (not that I ever wasn't fond of these cuties) has a particular soft spot for cats.  I would (... and have tried).... to take it every stray cat I've ever seen.  I know joke that one day animals will overtake us, but Alex has the sense (minus emotions of how can we not take in this super cute stray cat even though we already have 50 billion at home?! that I a particular someone tend to do) to be able to say No, when we've got 2 dog and 2 cats already in this teeny-tiny house.  But seriously.... look at this cutie?! A little lioness just flyin' through the fields... WAY.TOO.CUTE.

Hope you had a splendid Friday + weekend + and an even better week!

.... Yes, I just said that, but hey, anything's possible eh? :)

Back to the grind tomorrow we go!


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