Monday, July 29, 2013

Welcome to Copycat Week!


Been wantin' to change it up before I got too far into this that there's no turnin' back!... And after thoughtful deliberation + conversations that went something like:

Alex: What about Indy's Veggie MIX?
Me: .... Then I sound like a DJ!
Alex: No, it's a play on words, like mixing up a dish....
Me: No, it sounds like I'm making my next DJ mix for da' club!
Alex: Okkkkayyy?..... So fix?
Me: Yes, like you're cravin' something from before you became a vegetarian or just something in general, and you finally find that craving fix-before-you-go-totally-freaking-NUTS!

..... Long pause.....

Me: Wow... I think I crave things more than all pregnant women combined....
Alex: Yeah, I'm a little scared for when you actually ARE pregnant!

THUS WAS BORN, Indy's Veggie Fix!, with a new URL and template updates throughout the month
to make this baby nice an' perdy for your viewin' pleasure :)

..... Okay, enough chit-chat, onto my latest veggie cravin' fix! ;)
SEE!....How perfect, huh!


It has been no secret from various previous posts that my Copycat rendition of the beloved Jimmy John's Vegetarian Sub became a must re-create-from-home-before-we-broke after I so excitedly scarily discovered they now deliver to our house and shellin' out $9 (including delivery tip)....

They have a fresh white bread sub version and a whole wheat/solid bread slice option (... I've tried both, but feel better opting for tha' healthier since I'm not controlling portion control of how much mayo they add... which is usually TOO much even when I ask for light mayo)... It's just a control thing...

OK! I'm admitting to the world.... I.JUST.NEED.CONTROL! ;)

So to break in the new name, I'm honoring all my craving fixes by declaring this as.... 

Meatless Copycat Week!

A week dedicated to re-creating restaurant foods I crave most, but could save money and/or make meatless by making them fresh from home!! Are you up for the challenge?!

Mine will may look more like a scary version this baby since I opted for the whole wheat bread option ------------------->
(**NOTE: Jimmy John's no longer serve sprouts on any sandwich as I neither did due to the various salmonella outbreaks associated with sprouts, as gosh darn good and crunchy as they are, better safe than sorry I say!)

Regardless, while I'm sure I will continue to keep Jimmy John's on speed dial on those crazy hectic days, this is a cinch to whip up and tastes so scarily similar to the #6 Vegetarian (FTW!)

 I did a little dance in the kitchen after my first bite.... then yelled to Alex of course to come try it out.... I wish I was joking!

Copycat Jimmy John's Vegetarian Sub
Serves 2-3 sandwiches

In the line up for the Avocado Spread!

- 1 medium, ripe avocado, pitted
- 1 teaspoon minced garlic
- 1/4 cup onion
-  2-3 Tablespoons cherry tomatoes
- 2-3 Tablespoons peppers
- 3/4 teaspoon lime juice
- 1/8 teaspoon dry mustard
- 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
- Dashes of crushed red pepper

Fresh from our garden!
Coach's Orders!

1. Pull out your ol' trusty food processor (the smaller version if you have one) and toss in the rinsed cherry tomatoes, peppers (de-seeded), garlic, and sliced onion. 

2.  Pulse several times, and push larger veggies down in between each pulse so all veggies get finely chopped up!

3. Slice open an avocado and carefullllly jab a sharp knife into the pit and twist a bit and it should prop right out!

4. Slice a spoon between the skin and slide all around until the inside scoops right out, into a small bowl!

5. Mash with a fork a bit, then pop into the food processor that has the veggies!

6. To the veggie and avocado mixture, add the fresh lime juice and about 1/8 teaspoon dry mustard (a wee secret ingredient!) to the food processor.

7. Pulse the food processor until a silky smooth consistency, like a mayo or mustard, but healthy!

Now the toppin's and sandwich makin'!
....which is ultimately up to YOU!, but I went classic style for my copycat!

- Solid sub bread or solid whole wheat bread slices 
(emphasis on solid to hold these spreads & toppins!)
........learned this the hard way the first go round'! Just sayin'
- 2 slices provolone cheese (per sandwich)
- Sliced cucumber
- Sliced tomatoes
- Shredded lettuce
- 1-2 Tablespoons light mayonnaise (per sandwich)
- 1-2 Tablespoons Avocado spread (per sandwich)

Start by lathering a healthy amount of the avocado spread onto a slice of whole wheat bread (I'd suggest a really thick and hearty sliced bread)!

Next, top with the sliced cheese 
Then add the the sliced cucumbers (from our garden, FTW!)

Next, top on the sliced tomatoes
Then heap on a good amount of shredded lettuce

Lather the other bread slice with mayo for the true copy-cat 
I used light mayo, but you could also double up on the avocado spread for a healthier option (or make vegan with sans provolone or a vegan cheese alternative) and still be DE-LISH!

.... And you know it wouldn't be a JJ's Sandwich without a classic pickle, am I right?!

SO good!!!....although you just can't beat JJ's bread when the cravin' is crazy!

Every layer is perfection and evenly laid out to get a little of each fresh ingredients in every chomp o' this sandwich!

Avocado spread makes enough for a second helping (FTW!).... which I may or may not have indulged in....

If you're on a budget and crave that JJ's as often as I do, here's an answer for ya' :)


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  1. First, congrat's on your new name/website/adventure!! (I rebranded my food blog What's for Dinner, Mama? about a month ago, and I know change takes a lot more effort behind the scenes than most folks can imagine.) Second, thanks for going to all the effort it took to document that sandwich recipe!! Great post - I cannot wait to try it!

    1. Thanks Renee! It truly is a tough one behind the scenes and just gettin' the word out, especially when you change a URL!!!

      Hope you enjoy a JJ craving solution, without the extra money :)