Friday, July 26, 2013

Yay for Friday's!

YAY for Friday!

This week went at lightning speed with all I've had going on, all very fun and exciting, just felt like I movin' at the speed of light at one point!... but did feel like I got to spend a wee-bit more time than usual with my hubs talking about and celebrating these new and exciting opportunities, which (of course) is always nice! <3

This weekend, assuming the 30% chance of rain doesn't turn into 100% as Indiana weather tends to do all too often, we hope to re-schedule our planned picnic, and it's supposed to be gorgeous and not sweat drippingly hot so definitely some pup walkin', farmer's market goin' and seeing some friends tonight!

I don't even know where to begin on my favorite moments of the week cause' this entire week in general will always be very memorable! :)

I love Quorn products, and you can find them in the organic/all natural freezer section of any groceries these days, and I'm tellin' ya', you're gonna love em'!

.... Perhaps you'll have an opportunity to give some a go sometime soon...... Hint, hint!

So while my TV appearance on IndyStyle (which is awesome and you should tune in anyways on Channel 8 at 9am!) is postponed a month or two... I'll someday in the future be doin' somethin' along the lines of this 

Minus being a real chef in a chef's coat and probably makin' a fool of myself, but ya' know, what's new?!

Very humbled and thankful for the opportunity for sure!

Okay, let me just brag a teeny bit... mmkay?!

We had some potatoes about to start going bad and Alex wanted a late-night snack last weekend, so I thought, let's whip up some baked fries before we have to throw them out... which I've done a million times. 

If I'm craving fries though, not even gonna lie, you'll find me at a McDonald's cause' I always say, they're just no matchin' them... but not anymore!

This time around, I caught onto some secrets and perfect seasoning combo and took one bite before bringing Alex a bowl and shrieked and said "Seriously, are these, dare I say, even BETTER than McD's yet baked and healthy?!"

Who knows if it was my taste buds that night, but I'll be re-creating and featuring these on the blog next week!

No, we don't play favorites in this house, it just happens that I have found our cat Ruckus in just the cutest, most presh photo-op positions to capture
.... and believe me, I've tried to capture some of the pups, but Piper is just impossible cause' if I move 2cm to get the right angle, she jumps up and looks excitedly at me like, "Hi Mom, are we going to play now?!"

So.precious. Warms my heart up!

.... Next time perhaps I'll take video of Rory cause' she tends to do things that keep me rolling on the floor in laughter (like licking walls....)?! Really?!

Can we all agree that there is not a better nature smell than the air after it rains?.... Mmmkay, good!

Seriously though, the rain finalllllly brought our melt-your-skin-right-off heat wave down and left us with the beauty of its aftermath..... 


Doesn't looking at those perfectly unique rain droplets make you immediately thirsty.... or have I seriously gone crazy now?! 

My husband poppin' open the bubbly and bringin' me a glass of my fav' champagne.

Doesn't he look so unbelievably cute in this picture?!.... I'll answer this one.... Y-E-S! That smile makes me smile (and that he went and bought me fav' champagne to surprise me with) and even used champagne glasses which he hates to use cause' to hates to clean)... Got me a winner folks :)

Love him to the moon and back <3

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Now for some of my favorite finds from around the WWW....

Click on the link to get to the original source!

Favorite Food: Veggie Nuggets How cute are those?! So kid friendly and healthy, but obviously for the adults you can just make plain ol' nuggets, but as my husband would suggest, embrace the kid in ya' and eat your dinner in the form of a dinosaur and pretend you're 5 again, cause' let's face it, we all wish we were kids again... at least sometimes!... and give yourself permission to play with your food ;)

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry and Peach Pie I have practically no sweet tooth, but sorbet, cheesecake and PIES are something that I can NEVER seem to eat enough of (or find myself eating in massive quantities even when I'm full, which I rarely do!).... 

STRAWBERRY (my favorite) + PEACHES (in the top 10 of favorites) + PIE = why is this not already made sitting in front of me shoveling into my mouth right now?!

Favorite "Bucket-List" Item: Go on an Alaskan Whale Cruise One of my top wishes in the world is to see a blue whale... I am obsessed! (like, reallllllly obsessed) and so very fascinated with idea of seeing the largest living animal... Seriously, how cool is that?!

Favorite Space: Dining Room I love the rustic, but still modern chic thing this dining room has goin' on here.

I love to host and entertain, but our dining room is a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs that looks like furniture just vomited into it (sorry for the mental image!) + I desperately want a 6-seater table to be able to entertain outside of BBQ'ing.  I'm not the biggest fan of that table, but love that it's 6-seats and the head chairs being different and a good color contrast, the funkiness of the rug and that light fixture is so-very Alex and me!

Favorite Show: Parenthood While I'm not tryin' to wish away summer, but can it please be September 26 already so I can watch me some Parenthood?! Ahhh, I love this show... but patience isn't a virtue of mine, so that whole wait 6+ months for a new season to start is crazy hard!

Favorite Saying: Healthy Living This is SO.TRUE! I saw this on Quorn's Facebook page the other day and just loved the saying and the picture.... 

+ I've been wanting to start doing some yoga again since I finalllly found a place that is super close and affordable to help me not let my head blow off from my mounting to-do-list meditate and relax :) I'll let ya' know how it goes!!

... and most importantly!


I posted this awhile back, but our teeny-tiny and straight up gross little camper grill is seriously on its very last dying leg to the point that our usual, it's nice, let's grill out! has turned into to, do we REALLY want to grill out that badly? and it's almost August, and I so want a new bad boy to finish out grillin' season with a bang!

While this is our ideal, we don't even care what kind of grill it is anymore, just a new grill!!!



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