Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's are a Girl's Best Friend


... to all the women AND men out there who get to ring in the weekend with some hopefully fun things planned! :)

August is so full o' plans for us, I feel like tomorrow I'm going to delighting in Labor Day... Time is a flyin', but with great adventures, finalllllllly a much needed vacation/family reunion..... and it's on a beach with my all my fun siblings! SCORE.

 Not gonna lie, when you put the 5 of us together, now add 2 (+1 to be) brother-in-law's, and it can cause quite the shenanigans ;) 

We're a big family with lots of love!

Speaking of family reunions, it's been way-too-long since I've gotten to go to an extended family reunion (my mom's side) so I'm really excited for our family reunion tomorrow to get to see my aunts, uncles, cousins.... and later in the month my precious, big-hearted, loving Grandma and Grandpa!! <3
The most beautiful people I know, inside and out!

This week has been long and stressful, but leave it to my boss to always lift my spirits when things get wacky.  She brought me back gifts from her vacation last week (as she always so sweetly does) and it warms my heart! I'm thinkin' of rockin' this new scarf she got me for the reunion tomorrow unless it's melt-my-skin-off hot!
How cute is that?! My boss is too sweet

And because I have such trouble gettin' good photos of my two mama's girls... I was on a mission this week to unveil my precious furry ladies up close and personal!

Not only are these two glued to my hip... especially my pup Piper, but they are the latest additions to our family. Piper we rescued from the pound in June of 2011 about to be euthanized and never had a home before us (went from stray to a shelter to the pound)... I had to teach the poor 3-year-old how to use stairs, chew and not lick a raw hide, etc.... And then Rory AKA Little Puma we rescued in April 2012 and she's just a bundle o' love I tell ya'!

... And oddly, they both are our 2 of 4 animals that lick everything... Piper just licks and all-the-time and Rory I have found licking bookshelves, pillows, even the wall! Quirky little ones we've got here :)

I digress.... The good news is that our perdy bush I thought was a total bust, dead n' gone has come back to life!

These were brown and ugly a couple weeks ago and when I pulled up the driveway yesterday, I saw the bright purple! Ain't she a beauty?!

Have a happy weekend!


Now for some of my favorites from around the WWW... Click on the colored link to get to the original source!

Favorite Food: Grilled Potatoes I am really excited to get to try a version of this out for a tapas event our friends our hosting in a couple weeks!

Favorite Bake: Zucchini Bread My mother-in-law baked and gave us some DE-LISH zucchini bread muffins early this week that we downed super fast and are ready for some more! 

Favorite Space: Idyllic Backyard I want this backyard and to sit on that comfy chair on a brisk late summer night..... AHHH, one can dream, right?! :)

Favorite Drink: Red Sangria Alex and I have tried many a time and failed miserably... Okay, that's a bit dramatic, we just haven't found that "touch" to make a mean Sangria... Ours always seem to just end up sayin' "Eh, that'll do" but nothin' to call home about, so perhaps some Emeril BAM! can help us out before summer flies away!

Favorite Hair-Do: Messy Side Bun This has been my go-to hairdo all summer since a) it's super quick and easy, b) it keeps the hair off my neck so I'm not drenchin' in sweat, c) Alex LOVES it and always says, "I like your hair like that" every time! In a nutshell... quick, on the go do and husband-approved! ;)

Insert my first attempt (AKA shorter hair and added a braid)

Go ahead my friends and enjoy a restful, relaxing and FUN weekend!


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  1. Your hair is SOOOO CUTE braided back into the bun like that!!

    1. Thank you! I tried my best, but I'm not good with hairstyles!