Friday, August 23, 2013

Operation: Vacation has come!


This is a super high five for Friday because #VACATION trip has arrived!

To the beach we go!... But we're stoppin' over in Richmond, VA for the night to make the trip more manageable.

Nag's Head/Outer Banks beach of North Carolina... You better be ready for this rambunctious family & friends to raid your space with our lovely... and probably LOUD!.... welcome to come! ;)

(Belated) Wedding celebration + long overdue family reunion?! = Yes, pah-lease!

Motto of the week: Feet in the sand, beer in the hand! Nice, eh?!

I'll keep ya' posted via the #blog post updates and my Instagram page (IndysVeggieFix) of all our driving, #veggie food & beach life for the next week, so you can join in our week o' fun ;)

I'll definitely let ya' know when we hit the sand dunes!

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