Monday, August 5, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Happy #MeatlessMonday!

Have you entered the Quorn GIVEAWAY yet?!  (Click on colored link to get to the giveaway). It ends tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Midnight EST. Thanks for all who have entered so far, and best o' luck to everyone! I'll announce the winner later this week.

....and my recipe today can inspire a good somethin' to try if ya' win! TWO.THUMBS.UP!

And the recipe today comes to you via our Friday night where Alex and I met up with our friends for my first Indians game in I-truly-cannot-remember... though I spent most of it blabbing with Jessica (naturally!).... and dodging a foul ball that came not-even-joking straight for our faces while the husband's were gettin' the food... only for the guy 5 seats down to get the ball while Jessica and I stopped to catch our breath!

.... I'd say it was a successful outing ;)

Ending with a fun fireworks show!....

....During which Alex projectile squirted melted ice cream in a cone onto the guy in front of us. Whoops!

Enough chat about baseball, let's talk FOOD!

In case ya' hadn't heard, Saturday was #NationalMustardDay!

And for reals, what screams mustard more than..... 

.....(or hot dog)

Maybe I've truly gone coo-coo, but can't burgers, veggie or not, get a little monotonous towards the end of summer after you've gone to your bajillionth cookout?!

So instead of your ol' burger on a bun, I branched out and got a wee-bit inspire after a trip to the ballpark seeing nachos galore..... and it hit me! 

.... Burger NACHOS!

Call me crazy, but roll with me here peeps, cause' these were GOOD and so SIMPLE!

Nacho Burgers
Serves 2
Adapted from Iowa Girl Eats

In the order!
  - 2 tortillas, burrito sized
- 2-3 Tablespoons Ketchup
- 2-3 Tablespoon Mustard
- 1 cup Quorn Ground "Beef"
- 2 teaspoons steak seasoning
- 1 teaspoon shredded sharp cheddar cheese (per wedge)
Toppings of your choice:
- Onion
- Lettuce
- Tomato
- Pickle

Coach's Orders!

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  In a small skillet, heat up ground beef over medium heat and season with steak seasoning.

2. Grab your tortillas and slice each into 8 wedges.

3. In a small bowl, mix equal parts of ketchup and mustard together for the sauce..... MMMM!

4. Evenly place the tortilla wedges on an non-stick oven sheet.

5. Cook the wedges in the oven for 3-4 minutes, or until just brown & slightly crisp. ----------->

6. Once the wedges have cooled a bit, lather on the ketchup & mustard sauce onto each wedge. You can make em' as saucy as ya'd like :)

7. Then pile on however much of the seasoned ground beef you'd like onto each wedge.

8. Top the meet with however much cheese ya'd like!

9. Put back in the oven and cook for 4-5 minutes, or until cheese is good & melted!

NOM! -->

Now top with your favorite toppin's and it's chow time!

I added some shredded lettuce, diced onion, tomato and pickle... DE-LISSHH!

These were ready in under 15 minutes people!

I mean... What more can ya' ask?!

I'll take that an under 15 minutes and up you to THESE-WERE-CRAZILY-LIGHT, how do ya' like them apples?!

Usually after chowin' down a traditional loaded veggie burger, I'm ready for a big ol' nap... but these left me feelin' not okay-I-ate-way-too-much kinda full!.. Don't you hate that?!
(this is a triple plus for me and my acid reflux + slow digestion or for any of you out there who suffer from stomach problems!)

Look at that melted cheese ova' the crumbles and fresh, cool toppin's... Is not not just screaming at you to bite into it?!

.....Yes, why yes it is....

And when your meat-eating husband comes home after visiting a friend and bites into this and screeches: "OMGOSH, THESE ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!"... You know you got yourself a winner (both the man and the food!) ;)

Omgosh, one piece I slammed down in a couple seconds!

.....Probably shouldn't do that for the aforementioned stomach probs..... Whoops, but it was just so darned good!

Now go, eat up..... AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! ;)


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