Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crazy week! This pretty much sums it up...

This has been a crazy work and school week for me that I've done what I hoped I'd stick with, my beloved blogging friend and the friends I've connected with through it. 

We are going into active recruitment at work, so between getting all the materials ready for new subject's and hiring on + training the remainder of our staff, it's just balls to the walls craziness.  Then you add a mental breakdown from trying to figure out SAS to finish my homework for 6 hours on Wednesday and there you have it!

After writing my Saturday post about watching Environmental Health modules all day, I woke up to spend most of Sunday afternoon/evening going through the review packet for my upcoming test... with some definite long pauses to watch the Superbowl!

My beyond wonderful husband whipped us up a great Sunday dinner during Superbowl halftime to give me a nice and filling break from my studies :)

Sauteed frozen stir-fry style veggies under medium/low heat with enough butter/margarine to coat a medium sized pan // add in and sautee Gardein Brand "Chicken" Scallopini (meatless, frozen cutlets) // Season veggies and soy cutlet with complimentary spices // Lastly, add in some cooked white or brown rice (we use the 5-minute microwave rice to save time, since we have so little and only had white rice on hand) // Season to taste -- he ended up adding a bit more margarine, seasoned salt and cayenne pepper for a kick.

 YUMMY! It was DELICIOUS, a perfect break from a weekend on Food Safety and I am loving this new brand of vegetarian alternatives called Gardein -- great resource for vegetarians and can find in local grocery stores like Kroger or Publix with the "Organic" or "Natural" area/aisle.  

Adios amigos ;)

What is something small but important/meaning that your spouse/significant other/friends do for you when you need a "pick-me-up"?
An unexpected meal, my favorite dessert (there a very few), a back and/or foot rub, snuggle time... <3

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