Friday, February 8, 2013



Such a great day, minus the exam I have to take tonight, but again, that's life and it's still FRIDAY! :)
Whoa now, it's been just a hectic week, but I can't complain because it all came together in the end as it always seems to do!

Top Moments of the Week:

Too precious... and one very tired papa. 

1. Getting ready for bed and walking into the back office to find papa and pup nighttime cuddle. 

 2. January was National Mentoring Appreciation Month and Starbucks was gracious enough to give Big Brothers and Big Sisters in the program free, tall sized drinks of their choice. I'm excited to take my Little Sis D to the central library on Sunday to work on her reading skills with interactive computer games they have and grabbing a treat afterwards!

Enjoying my last (free) Vanilla Chai Latte -- THANK YOU TO STARBUCKS!
Cinema Grill will live on forever, torn down or not.
3. Got very nostalgic running across this across this picture when re-organizing my IPhoto library the other night -- the building where Alex and I met, fell in love, worked together and met so many amazing friends that have continued to be in our lives.  I was always excited to think of the day we'd bring our kids here to watch a movie and show where Mom and Dad met, but at least we have the pictures and the people to tell the story!  I'm so happy I captured this picture though, just a few weeks before it was torn down.  A building full of so many memories that will live on forever!

Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!

4. Holding in my prayers a new friend of mine whose father just suffered a heart attack last weekend, but is home and resting now after several surgeries.  I was happy that I was able to help my new friend stay up to date with school being in and out of the hospital all week, so I lent her all my notes/programming/things I got stuck on to help her finish her homework for this week and offered any assistance by phone and email while I was at work yesterday that she needed. With a few emails back and forth and with my coding, she was able to get it done and was so grateful. In the end, I'm just grateful her father is okay, she's holding up and I was able to help such a sweet new friend during a difficult time as I would hope people would do for me.  Always try and reach out to others, do a good deed, for new or old friends or even strangers!

What was the best part of YOUR week?

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